Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare in Fairfax, VA

Fairfax Animal Hospital offers short and long-term stays at our spacious, modern facility in Falls Church, Virginia.

Northern Virginia’s Premiere Fear Free Dog Boarding & Daycare

Fairfax Animal Hospital knows boarding can be stressful for dogs — after all, these pets would probably rather be with you! We aim to provide a home away from home that is calming, caring, and safe for all dogs. And with our veterinarians and support staff on site during normal business hours, you know your pet is getting pampered by loving professionals.

Clean & Spacious

Our kennels come in three sizes, with the right amount of space for every dog from chihuahuas to large breeds.

Best Value Pricing

Pricing changes based on the kennel and dog size and we offer discounts for longer stays or extra services requested!

Fear Free Boarding

Each dog that boards with us is monitored for Fear, Anxiety, and Stress, and our care is adjusted accordingly throughout their stay.

Options for Dog Boarding:

We have limited availability and vaccine and exam requirements to protect our boarders, so be sure to plan and book your reservations in advance, especially around the holidays!

Small Kennel

Maximum weight 25lbs

Small Kennel, In-ward for Extra Quiet & Privacy

Maximum weight 25lbs

Regular Kennel Run

Maximum weight 100lbs

Large Kennel Run

Dogs over 100lbs

Shared runs are available for paired family dogs (under a combined weight of under 100lbs).

Add a Bath and Nail Trim!

Receive half-off your nail trim when you purchase a bath for your pet!

Small Dog Bath

Under 25lbs

Medium Dog Bath

Over 25lbs, under 75lbs

Large Dog Bath

Over 75lbs

Nail Trim

All dogs

Doggy Daycare Available During Regular Hours

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean your dog should be grounded at home!

Bring your pet to Fairfax Animal Hospital for doggy daycare! Drop off and pickup during normal business hours. Our daycare comes with convenient care options. When you drop off your dog, you can schedule a bath, nail trim, or even your annual wellness exam!

Call for Doggy Daycare Pricing

Small Pet

Max weight 25lbs

Large Pets

Over 25lbs

Long Term Dog Boarding Discounts

Headed out of town on a trip? Give your dog a “staycation” with long term boarding at Fairfax Animal Hospital!

  • Receive a 10% discount for stays 5 nights or longer
  • Receive a 15% discount for stays 10 nights or longer

Save With A Shampoo and Nail Trim!

Whether it’s just for the day or a longer term stay, boarding is the perfect time to get your dog bathed and trimmed.  And nail trims are half price when paired with a bath!

Extra Play & Room for High-Energy Dogs

Many dog owners are afraid of boarding, especially if their pet is hyperactive, hyperkinetic, or excitable.

Are you worried about boarding your dog because it might chew up its bed, harm itself, bark at other animals in the facility, or embarrass you with its unruly behavior?

No need to worry! We provide cots for dogs prone to chewing and have large kennels for high-energy dogs, so they can stretch and play without hurting themselves. You can also request an extra play session in our outdoor run, or add a bath for a calming spa experience.

Our facilities are designed to promote tranquility and relaxation in a variety of ways.  We play calming music from Through a Dog’s Ear — orchestrated to hold a dog’s attention and ease them through their separation anxiety. Plus, we diffuse Adaptil scents that are clinically-proven to relax dogs.  Your pet will be given routine attention and care to ensure they are as comfortable as possible while you’re away.

All Dogs Must Have a Recent Health Exam Prior to Boarding

We want to make sure every pet leaves our kennels as healthy as it arrived. So, we require a full health exam every 12 months for our boarders. This exam is discounted for new boarding clients however it must be done prior to boarding!

See our Boarding FAQ for more details on our boarding requirements.

General wellness exams and other veterinary care is available during your pet’s boarding stay!

Special Care for Senior Dogs

Sometimes senior dogs need a home away from home. We provide supportive cots and padded mats for dogs with arthritis or joint problems who need extra cushioning. Our on-site staff is available throughout the day to provide any care your pet might need and are experts at getting dogs to take their medicine!

Aging or Fragile Pets

Aging or fragile pets can be boarded in our treatment center, where they will receive extra privacy and additional attention.

The Comforts of Fear Free Boarding

Every dog that boards with us gets evaluated for Fear, Anxiety, and Stress (FAS) on a scale of 0 (a happy-go-lucky puppy) to 4 (a more anxious dog that requires medication). Our goal is to keep that FAS score low throughout your dog’s visit. We do this using:

  • Music from Through A Dog’s Ear, featuring pitches, sounds, and melodies composed to relax your dog’s neurons.
  • Adaptil Diffusers, which spray scents that are clinically-proven to calm canine nerves.
  • Designated nap times with low lighting.
  • Lots of love, attention, and TLC!

We keep track of every pet throughout their visit. If their FAS score increases (indicating they are getting stressed out) we take measures to give them extra love from our caretakers, and more privacy from other dogs.

Veterinary Care Available While Your Dog Boards

Boarding is the perfect time to get your dog caught up on its preventive care! Fairfax Animal Hospital is happy to schedule annual exams, vaccinations, even routine surgeries like neuter and spay during your dog’s stay with us.

Contact us to learn more about our convenient wellness and surgical care options! Some clients may even be eligible for reduced exam fees!


Boarding Check-In & Care Instructions

Prior to arriving for your boarding reservation, please complete the following form to provide us with care instructions and emergency contact information while you’re away.

Drop Off Appointments

If your pet will be dropped-off for an appointment or you are boarding your pet, we ask you please complete this form:

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to learn more about the common questions about dog boarding and daycare at Fairfax Animal Hospital.

Does my pet need any exams or vaccines prior to boarding?

We require all pets have a health exam every 12 months if they board with us. This exam is discounted for new boarding clients and must be done prior to boarding.

In the exam, our doctors will ensure your pet is up to date on the following:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza
  • Fecal test

New clients who are not up to date on these vaccines or tests will be charged for the inoculation.

We can also perform non-core vaccines (leptospirosis and Lyme disease) or treatments (4DX, bloodwork, etc.) while your pet boards.

I have to head out of town on emergency! Can my pet stay with you?
We understand emergencies or last-minute boarding reservations happen, and we want to accommodate in these cases. Pets will still be allowed to board in these instances, but all required exams and vaccines must be performed as soon as the pet arrives.
What if my pet gets sick during boarding?
Any pet that gets sick while boarding will receive an exam at 50% off. The owner will be contacted and must approve any further treatments or diagnostics (at full price).
Can you give my pet its medications?
We are experts at helping animals take their medicine. We request that every medication be brought in its original prescription bottles — This helps us ensure your pet is getting the right dose at the right time.
Can my dog have its own bedding and toys?
Of course! Owners are encouraged to bring their pets’ favorite bedding, toys, treats, and bones.
What kind of food will my pet receive?

We are happy to provide food, but recommend owners bring whatever brand their pet is used to eating at home. This decreases the chances of your pet having gastrointestinal distress while boarding. Dogs don’t always do well with sudden changes in diet, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

We feed our guests Purina EN dog food — all-natural, without any added corn, wheat, or artificial colors and flavors.

We provide all sorts of treats: freeze-dried liver bites, pill pockets, Kong spray cheese, canned chicken, and peanut butter — Your choice!

For more information about about our approach to nutrition, read the Nutrition, Skin, Dogs Blog Post

My dog tends to destroy bedding, can it stay with you?
Of course. We provide cots for animals that chew bedding. We have yoga mats and non-slip pads for excitable dogs that tend to push their bedding to the back of their cages. This bedding allows them to have bedding to lay down on when they need a rest.
My dog is older and needs special care.
For dogs with arthritis, we provide cots. We also have padded mats for extra cushion for supporting aging patients under their blankets.
Do pets in your care receive 24-hour care?
During most of the week, our staff is in the clinic from 7 am to 7 pm.
Saturdays: From 7 am to 3 pm, then 4 pm to 7 pm.
On Sundays: From 7 am to 1 pm, then again from 4 pm to 7 pm.

A Home For Our Community

Fairfax Animal Hospital reserves boarding space for local nonprofits dedicated to finding new homes for abandoned or mistreated labrador retrievers.

We always have at least two spare beds for Lab Rescue of the Potomac and Lu’s Labs of Alexandria, Virginia. These dogs have their vaccines and tests just like the rest of our guests. Some fosters may bring in Lab Rescues for vaccines, exams, or heartworm treatments (they stay overnight in the clinic for 2 nights/3 days for the heartworm treatments).

In addition, we provide Lu’s Labs of Alexandria VA with heartworm treatments — which require 2 nights of boarding — and the occasional non-treatment related boarding.