Boarding Care Instructions

If you have not scheduled an overnight boarding reservation, please call us at 703-820-2557 before completing this form.

If your pet will be dropped-off for boarding, we ask you please complete the following early check-in form.

For Medical Appointments, complete the Medical Appointment Drop-off Form

All animals admitted to Fairfax Animal Hospital must be current on the following vaccines: Rabies and Distemper.

Dogs must also be current on Bordetella, as well as testing negative for a fecal test within the last six (6) months.


Admittance Form

Boarding Care Instructions
Best number to reach you with questions and visit follow-up information
If different from Owner
Please provide the brand and type of food you are providing to your pet
How much and how often do you feed your pet? Example 1 Cup, 2 times per day
Describe all medications, dose, and frequency of use for all medications your pet is given, including over-the-counter medicines and flea/tick or heartworm medicines. Use N/A or none as appropriate.